Sleepover with Mum

Yay!  Dad’s away so me and Mum are having a sleepover, camping in the living room.

I wanna stay up all night but Mum says I look very tired and it’s time for bed.




Guard Dog Duty

img_0577Naughty Mum left a very important package unattended.  Luckily, I was there to protect it until Mum put it somewhere safe.

Early Bedtime


Taking care of the family can be exhausting.  Mum got out of bed at 5.30 a.m. so me and Christopher got up as well, to see what she was up to.  Christopher didn’t sleep much because he was worrying about the visit to the college.

I haven’t slept much today either even though I woke up really early; there was too much going on. Paige, her boyfriend (Jay) and Nala were babysitting me while Mum, Dad and Christopher went to the college.  It was a crazy day.  Paige and Jay put on a fitness dvd because they said they need to ‘tone up’.  It looked fun so me and Nala joined in.  Jay and Paige had bad legs and backs after exercising so when Mum, Dad and Christopher got home, we had to take Jay and Paige in the car, and drop them in town because they had trouble walking.

Christopher went straight to bed when he got home today.  I was really tired too but I can’t go to bed until I have had my evening walk and meal.  But after that, I was all ready for bed.  Mum said it would be an early bedtime for everyone today.  I think that is a very good idea.

Lots of Kisses

I’ve not got a lot to say about today really.   It has been a lazy, relaxed day because Mum’s been getting things ready for tomorrow when Dad is taking her and Christopher to look at another special college.  Christopher isn’t happy about it and doesn’t want to go so it’s been a bit crazy at some points but I’m used to that happening sometimes.  Everyone says it’s Christopher’s anxiety.  I just played with Nala, my best friend.  I also gave everyone lots of kisses, which I don’t usually do but I think they needed it today.

Me and Nala chilling a couple of months ago



The Visitor

We had a visitor today.  I’ve met him before and last time I saw him, he said he would have to remember to bring something to plug in his ears next time he came.  Well, he kept to his word, and stuck some pieces of tissue in his ears when I started talking to him.  I talk a lot so he kept them in the whole visit.


Mum gave me the Kong, stuffed with pieces of chicken, but I was more interested in talking to our visitor.  She said I must be quiet but I had too much to say.  However, I can’t resist a game of chase and tug-o-war and Mum got out the squeaky toys.  Mum threw my toys and then she kept chasing me.  I run all around the living room and jumped up on the chairs and back down over and over.  I was quite shattered by the end of it.  So was Mum.  But, oh!  what fun we had!


I had a nap after the play, then I remembered our visitor and I wanted to talk a little bit more.  I guess our visitor liked what I was saying because he gave me some treats after all my speeches.   We were friends by the end of the day and I even slept by his feet.





Harry & Other Hazards

The day started off well.  I was all better after yesterday’s sickness and I even posed for a picture for Mum.  Here it is: a4I quite like it, even if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I went to the park shortly after this and I was just minding my own business when I heard that dreaded call, “Harry! Come here! Harry!”  Before I realised what was happening, there he was – Harry-who-hates-me.  We’ve met before.  Twice.  And twice he’s started on me.  I cried and Mum saved me.  Then Harry’s dad took him and told him off.  “Never do that again Harry!” he said lots of times.  It’s a good thing I hate haircuts because when Harry has tried to bite me, he’s never got past my fur.  This time, he had some kind of head halter on and that seemed to work in my favour.  I don’t appreciate Harry’s smelly breath on me though, I must say.

I was a bit sad about the incident and even though I tried to have fun, I couldn’t stop crying until I met two other doggies, called Teddy and Sausage, wearing their reindeer antlers. They were really nice.  I was happy after that.

When we got home, I heard the postman come and I let everyone know.  Dad went and fetched the post and gave Mum a parcel.  “Yay! it’s my book from America!” she exclaimed.  “It’s the one I saw at the vets.  The one about keeping Flynn safe from all types of hazards and there’s first aid in there and everything!”


‘We could have done with that earlier,’ I thought.


Sick Day


Mum was feeling a little under the weather this morning so we played in the garden instead of our walk.  It was a bit boring but I didn’t mind too much and I got Mum to chase me by pretending to touch things I’m not allowed to.

We tried my new food again but it made me sick in the afternoon.  Mum made me sleep on the couch next to her so she could keep an eye on me because she said if I didn’t get better soon, she would call the vet as it might be a tummy bug and not the food.  I go to the vets a lot because I have a sensitive tummy.  I have had to stay there three times before and I don’t really want to go again.

After a little sleep, I started to feel much better and Mum gave me boiled chicken, which is my favourite.  She said I could only have small amounts at a time. which I wasn’t too pleased about.  I was starving!

Mum said she thought I was well enough to go for my evening walk and I got to run around in the dark.  I loved it.

It’s been several hours since I was sick but Mum said I need to get some sleep now and she will be watching me carefully in the night.  I hope we will both be feeling all better in the morning.

Better Together

Today was a different kind of day.  Mum and Dad left home early to visit a special college for my brother, Christopher.  Christopher and my sister, Paige, babysat.  Nala said she would help look after me.  She thinks that because she is two weeks older than me, she is the boss.  To be honest, when she tells me off, it is quite scary.


Christopher, Paige and Nala like to sleep.  They did a lot of that when they were babysitting so I joined them.  When Mum and Dad got home, I was so happy to see them so I jumped all over them.  Nala did too. Then Mum told us all about the special college.  Christopher was still in bed.  He sleeps a lot, but not at night because he can’t sleep.  We think it could be anxiety.

Mum was excited about the college.  She said she was glad that she went in the end. Yesterday, she wasn’t going to go because she thought it wouldn’t be suitable for Christopher; or that the LEA wouldn’t fund it as the haven’t been very helpful.  But now that she had visited the college and spoken with other parents, Mum realised that a special college was the best option for Christopher and there were other children just like him.  She said he could even stay there in the week – like sleep there!  I’m not sure that’s a good idea.  Christopher has been my roommate since I came here and I don’t think I could sleep without him.  I feel a bit sad about that because it’s so much better when we’re all together.

This is me and Christopher not long after we became brothers.  Mum said I was a bit of a sad little boy when I first came and it took a while for me to ‘come out of m shell,’ whatever that means.
But then I cheered up a bit when Mum gave me a parcel to open and there was a new toy. Me and Nala played tug with it and then she growled at me because she wanted it for herself.  She is scary when she growls so I let her have it.  Then when she was cleaning herself, I took it back.  It’s quite good but better when food falls out of it or when someone uses it to play tug with me.

My family weren’t too interested in the toy though so I got bored with it too.  That happens with all my toys.  At first they play with them and I join in and then they lose interest.  But I noticed that they always want to play when I get out some underwear from the dirty laundry basket (which is totally gross) or grab one of their slippers.  So that’s what I did when everyone looked like they needed entertaining .  It always works!



Work,Rest & Play

After breakfast, Mum got us ready for a walk and tried to take a selfie with me.  It was a fail, haha.  Later on she tried ‘Snap Chat’ with me.  I wish my sister didn’t show her that app.  She was bothering me for a while.  She is a lot of work some days.

On the walk, Mum said it was safe for me to run off my lead so I chased birds and played chase with Mum.  It was so much fun!  When we got home, I slept very well.  Mum said I was a lot calmer after the run and she would have to get some running shoes so we could run every day.

Then my brother found Rattie, my baby toy.  I was happy to see him.  But so was Nala and she took him. But when she turned around I took Rattie back and hid him.

At bedtime Mum said I was overtired because I was trying to chew everything I could find and I bit off some of Dad’s slipper, so she took me up to my bedroom.  When I was on my bed, I thought “I guess I could do with a little nap.”


Chewed the blogging laptop charger so just a short one today.  This is me at the top of the stairs, looking at Mum and Dad.  They wanted me to put my harness on for walk time.  I said, “no way!”img_0442